Meeting Room Snacks

Make meetings something your teams and their guests will look forward to attending! Providing tasty and interesting treats for your team doesn't have to cost the Earth. Explore our offering of sweet and savoury offering, all supplied to you in our stylishly labelled jars. Did you know we also do a Closed Loop delivery?

We send you out our delicious snacks in a container, and collect your tubs for refilling.   That way we reuse all the packaging.  Its a win for the planet.  

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Chilli Rice Crackers

A crunchy savoury baked rice snack with a mild chilli and paprika kick, perfect for dinner parties or enjoying all to yourself.Ingredients:Rice Flour,...
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Chocolate Tiramisu Almonds

You won't be disappointed with these delectable tiramisu almonds.Covered with a winning combination of milk and white chocolate are paired to create a...
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Dark Chocolate Almonds

Crisp almonds covered in a luscious layer of delightful dark chocolate.Ingredients:Dark Chocolate (75%) [Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butter, Soya Lecithi...
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Dark Chocolate Banana

This dark chocolate covered banana is delightfully crunchy and makes the perfect snack.Ingredients:Dark Chocolate (58%) [Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butt...
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Dark Chocolate Cranberries

Tart and sweet dried cranberries smothered in a smooth dark chocolate coating. A scrumptious combination of tangy fruit and rich chocolate flavours.In...
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Japanese Crackers

A delicious and crunchy rice-based snack. Also good as savoury “nibbles” when entertaining.Ingredients:Rice Flour, Soy Sauce (Soybean, Wheat, Water, S...
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